The Telltale Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

Vision issues in children can be detrimental. Not being able to see clearly can cause a child to struggle in school or have problems reading and identifying objects. In some cases, it can even impact their safety, as not being able to see properly could cause them to miss potential hazards.

Detecting vision issues in children can be tricky for parents. Often, a child isn’t fully aware of changes in their ability to see, so they may not be able to tell you they are having problems seeing.

However, there are signs your child may need glasses. If you want to monitor the quality of your child’s eyesight, here are some signals they might need corrective lenses.


If your child is having trouble focusing their eyes, they may start to squint. Squinting can limit the effects of a refractive error temporarily, so they may start doing it if their vision isn’t clear.

Head Tilting

Head tilting is an attempt to overcome a vision issue by changing the angle. If your child tilts their head when examining an object, they may have declining visual acuity.

Covering One Eye

Children that start covering one eye when they have clarity issues could be suffering from a range of vision conditions. Along with a decline in clarity, there could be an alignment issue, such as amblyopia (lazy eye).

Being Too Close to Screens and Books

When a child starts sitting closer to the television, brings digital devices nearer to their face, or practically buries their nose in a book, that is often a sign of declining visual acuity. If your child is nearsighted, being closer to the object increases clarity, making it easier to see.

Excessive Eye Rubbing

If your child starts rubbing their eyes frequently, they could be suffering from eye strain, a common symptom of vision changes. However, since it could also indicate other conditions, like conjunctivitis or allergies, it is best to see a medical professional to determine whether they need glasses or another form of treatment.

Headaches and Eye Pain

Children who struggle with eye pain or headaches near the end of the day could be overexerting their eyes in an attempt to compensate for poor vision. Since their eyes get to rest when they are sleeping, they may wake up feeling fine, only to experience the pain after they have spent some time trying to focus during the day.

Issues at School

If your child’s performance suddenly drops, they may be having vision trouble, causing them to struggle to read the board, books, assignments, or computer screens.

All the signs above could indicate that your child is struggling with declining vision and may need glasses. If you are concerned about your child’s eyesight, schedule an appointment at your nearest ECVA clinic today. Our experienced ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians work diligently to maintain the health of the eyes of our patients and to correct vision issues in patients of all ages, ensuring their eyes remain healthy and they can see clearly.


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